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Bad Breath

Make it a thing of the past.

Bad breath is a common oral hygiene problem with many different causes. However, persistent bad breath is typically caused by the accumulation of foul smelling bacteria that coats your teeth, gums, and tongue. Bad breath or having a bad taste in your mouth is also one of the warning signs of periodontitis, disease that damages the structure of your gums and the bone that supports your teeth.

If, for any reason, the cause of your bad breath is not tooth-related, your periodontist will refer you to the appropriate medical professional.

How do I prevent it?

Bad breath can be easily prevented with a combination of good oral hygiene and professional care. Here are just some of the ways that can help:

  • Visit a dentist or periodontist regularly
  • Brush your teeth, tongue and gums after meals
  • Floss daily to clean food particles between your teeth
  • Drink enough water to ensure your body makes enough saliva

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